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Hillary proposed 65% estate tax?

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So, You work your entire life... and you gain a certain level of success. Hillary would have you give the LIONS share BACK to the state, rather than your Children and family.


So, WHAT'S the incentive to succeed? THIS is SOCIALISM !!


it ELIMINATES the incentives to succeed and create wealth, and PROMORES incentives to sit on your BUTT and sponge off the state... and presumably VOTE DEMOCRAT in the process.

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Just going back to the successful laws that were in place before Dubya fucked everything up. Inheritance tax has been on the books since the Gilded Age to combat an ever-increasing disparity of wealth. The Neocons bought a wordsmith and redubbed it "the Death Tax," so poor numbskulls would think that when everyone died they got taxed. The inheritance tax helped create the middle class and build infrastructure. You want Trump Jr. to have it so he can buy whores. Fox News really did a number on you 1% apologists. Simply ignorant.




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