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Evangelical Pastor: Donald Trump Under ‘Concentrated Satanic Attack’


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You Jesus freaks are so fucking crazy it is a riot. Even Trump has got to be laughing his ass off at this bullshit.


I am going to try to keep track of Trump's itinerary in Ohio. I am missing some great live comedy here.




Pastor Darrell Scott said Lucifer himself is taking a shot at the GOP presidential candidate.





Donald Trump is locked in a war with Satan.

At an event in Cleveland on Wednesday, an evangelical pastor warned the Republican presidential candidate that he was fighting none other than Lucifer himself.

Pastor Darrell Scott said that five years ago, an unnamed “nationally known preacher” claimed that if Trump ran for president, he would come under a “concentrated satanic attack.” Scott said the preacher warned of “a demon, principalities and powers, that are going to war against you on a level that you’ve never seen before.”

What’s more, Scott affirmed that this satanic attack was taking place right now.

I’m watching it every day,” Scott said in a clip posted online by Right Wing Watch.

Scott then held a ritual where he and others laid hands on Trump as the pastor’s wife, Belinda, asked God to “give him the anointing to lead this nation.”

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C'mon, people, in the age of the internet -the Second Age of the Enlightenment- you are still clinging to two thousand year old fables written by ignorant sheep herders? Give me a break. There is no Devil. Trump is just a narcissistic asshole that wants to rule the world. Don't enable this arrogant prick to destroy the planet. Think.

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