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Hillary OUTSPENDING Trump 5 to 1, and STILL LOSING GROUND !!

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That is pretty TELLING of an IMPLODING campaign....

LMFAO!!!!!!!! You know Sam, you just have to get around to reading what you post, so it matches what you put in your thread titles and people don't call you a habitual liar all the time.


Now you say, Hillary is still losing ground. and your pissing in your pants over it, when in reality your own article says Hillary is gaining ground and leaving Trump behind. Wake the uck up chump!! LMAO!!




Clinton extends her lead over Trump, per NBC|SurveyMonkey poll


In the latest NBC|SurveyMonkey online weekly tracking poll (conducted Sep. 12-18), Clinton leads Trump by five points among likely voters, 50%-45% -- the first time the poll has measured likely voters. Among registered voters, it's Clinton 49%, Trump 43%, which is a slight uptick from Clinton's 48%-44% lead last week. In a four-way race among likely voters, it's Clinton 45%, Trump 40%, Gary Johnson 10%, and Jill Stein 4%.

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Hillary has sold out the 99% ...... as she takes zillions from the upper 1% which tells us plenty about Hillary Clinton!



LMAO! WTF you mumbling now? How has she sold out the 99% ?

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