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Just got a new C02 meter in from VRW.

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Just got myself a new CO2 meter from VRW. https://us.vwr.com/store/product/9560295/neulog-carbon-dioxide-logger-sensor

Fantastic device which can resolve 1ppm differences in CO2. The sensing element relies in part on gold and ruthenium electrodes. (Expensive.)


Sadly the engineers who make this device for a top of the line scientific company decided to program their baseline offset at 380ppm instead of the new pogorocks consensus 400ppm. Dumb engineers. Who are they to determine an "average" CO2 baseline?


Anyway, taking it around and having fun measuring stuff. It took me about 10 minutes playing with it to realize pogorocks and every scientist making predictions on 50ppm are retarded. Still a very fun device. I can measure the ability of plants to consume O2 and how much CO2 a fermenting pile of waste releases per cubic mm.


I wanted to measure the output of the average lecturer in the environmental science department, but unfortunately the sensor can only detect up to 10000ppm. Possibly bullshit is being misread as CO2.

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Ha ha cons doing scientific research , whats the point all the answers you need are in the bible / put the co2 meter down and get back to bible study .


Darwinian nightmares shouldn't be telling us what to study. Hell, you are so dumb you don't realize the Big Bang theory was initially rejected because the one who originated it was a creationist. Back then the secularists thought the Big Bang Theory sounded too much like creationism. Many great scientists saw themselves as studying the order of God's Universe. You wouldn't get that because the only thing you aspire to study is naked dudes at the bath house.

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