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Moe the pedophile - - - ah, Not such a Good Guy.

Me, I'll stick with Jesus.

Jesus - - - do no harm in My Name.



Moe the pedophile: Listen, you don't covert to Islam, I'll chop you the fuck up.

You really need to read the Bible if you are going to stick with Jesus dude. Currently you are embarrassing yourself.

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Old mack - i grew up in a Christian evangelical home with a mother who tried to scare us into believing in god , i have 5 adult siblings 4 are atheists or non believers . If i believe with every bit of my soul that religion is a hoax, what do i have to lose ? I m not rude enough to mock Christians to their face , everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

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I m not so much mocking Jesus the person as i m mocking how people take religion so seriously There's really not much proof of god , or that jesus the human really was his son .

No problem with mocking people...I do it here all the time & anyone who takes anything to serious is a candidate for mockery in my book.


As for Jesus / God...I'm not going to or ever do debate people on the matter and expect to change thier minds.


So it you want to believe everything in the Universe just happened...more power to you; you have more faith than me.


Thank you and God / Nature bless.

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