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More Shenanigans From Muslim Scamps


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MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACKS IN 3 STATES LAST WEEKEND? Thank the Obama Regime and terror-linked Muslim groups like CAIR for putting law enforcement in a strait jacket
dhimmioadminantitruthonislamvi-vi-e14743‘Fear of offending Muslim sensibilities’ now takes priority over the safety of the American public. Advocates for terrorists control the debate, and too often, the policies of how to counter the threat from Islamic terrorism. In other words, all the counter-(Islamic) terrorism training and techniques that kept us safe after 9/11 have been scrubbed from FBI/NYPD training manuals. And now you are seeing the results.

**********************************************************************************************************Iran Puts Afghan Refugees on Display in Cages…

*****************************************************************************************************************Syrian 'Refugee' Hurls Children Out Window Because Wife Demands Same Rights as German Women…

************************************************************************************************Migrant Rapist: "I Came to Austria to F- the Women!"…


NYC Bomber Became 'Deeply Religious'… NYC Bomber Hated America and Gays…

London's first Muslim mayor warns migrants not to assimilate the
Western values that built what they are fleeing to, but to hang on
to the religion and values responsible for what they are fleeing from.

********************************************************************************************************************************************Mayor: NYC Bombs Have 'No Terrorist Connection'…


Religion of Peace
Atrocity of the Week


Prisoners Hung from Meat
Hooks and Butchered


Other Recent
of Islam"


2016.09.19 (Israel)
A female border guard is stabbed in the neck by a Palestinian terrorist.


2016.09.18 (India)
Four suicide bombers sneak onto an army base and murder seventeen sleeping soldiers.


2016.09.18 (Nigeria)
Eight people standing outside a church are riddled with bullets by Muslim extremists.


2016.09.17 (Iraq)
A man is savagely beheaded by Muslim radicals.


2016.09.17 (Thailand)
Muslim 'insurgents' murder a 71-year-old Buddhist in front of his home.


2016.09.17 (USA)
A former asylum seeker plants several explosives, one of which injures twenty-nine innocents.
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Barack always tells me that muslims aren't violent. Is he lying to me?

Well, let's hear what ex Muslims have to say.

Islam Watch

Who are we?

We are a group of Muslim apostates, who have left Islam out of our own conviction when we discovered that Islam is not a religion at all. Most of us took a prolonged period of time to study, evaluate and contemplate on Islam, the religion of our birth. Having meticulously scrutinized Islam, we concluded that it is not a religion of peace at all, as touted by smooth-talking, self-serving Muslims and their apologists from non-Muslim backgrounds. The core of Islam—namely the Qur'an, Hadis and Sharia—is filled with unbounded hatred of the unbelievers, unbelievably intolerant toward them, and extremely cruel and merciless to those Muslims, who dare to deviate from its doctrines.

We also realized that Islam is beyond reformation, because Muslims—who attempt to modernize and reform its unremitting bigotry, irrational rituals, and cruel and draconian punitive measures—are targeted for annihilation. Our verdict was that the only way to escape from the tyranny of Islam is to leave it altogether. We have, therefore, discarded Islam from our life, so that we can be free to enjoy a normal, pleasant and humane life in complete harmony with all peoples on earth, irrespective of their religion, race or creed.

Having thoroughly understood—through our meticulous investigation of Islam for years to decades—that Islam was nothing but a lie, most of us have left Islam silently, because of the mortal threats of Islam on our life. As Islamic terrorism and violence overwhelms the world, particularly in the post-9/11 years, we also felt that it's a responsibility upon us to make world's 1.4+ billion Muslims aware of the falsity of their religion and its cruel nature, so that they can make informed choices and leave Islam to live with love, respect and harmony with the rest of humanity.

We also felt it incumbent upon us to make the non-Muslim world aware of the reality of Islam, and undertake timely precautionary measures against this religion of terror, hatred and mayhem. We tell the world that the ongoing terrorism, unleashed by Islamic militants, is not an aberration from the so-called 'peaceful religion of Islam'; instead, it is the real Islam preached and practiced by its founder, Prophet Muhammad. A thorough study of the Qur'an and prophetic tradition (Hadith, Sunnah) makes that obvious.

We, therefore, have launched this website to expose the "real Islam"—the Islam that is determined to replace the modern civilization with the 7th-century Arab Bedouin barbarism, peddled by Muslims as the true Islamic Civilization. Let the world watch Islam through www.islam-watch.org and be warned.

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