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Anything and everything about Jihad starting with a definition of what

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Anything and everything about Jihad starting with a definition of what it is


Jihad is mandatory for all Muslims. Required. Obligated.


The ultimate goal of Jihad is the elimination of all NonMuslims on Earth with the creation of a global caliphate ruling all of mankind according to Allah's laws.


There are five forms of Jihad. Four of them are non violent. One of them is the use of violence and terrorism, which is enthusiastically recommended by the Prophet Mohammed.


Because every Muslim is required to perform Jihad, every practicing Muslim is, by definition, a Jihadist.


Every Muslim is required to do something to help the religion make progress and they are told to struggle and strive to always do MORE for Islam and to do it better than before.


Though terrorism gets all of the publicity, non violent Jihad is more effective in making progress for Islam.


There are aggressive Jihadists walking among us unseen and uncounted and they do their bit to help Islam without ever breaking the law.


Some of the posters here are Jihadists because they work to plant Islamocentric or pro Muslim ideas and beliefs and attitudes among us Kafirs. (Non Muslims)


It is time we all got on the same page.


A common understanding of what Jihad is is where we start.

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