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Thug robbers are okay

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Thug robbers who hold up people with guns or knives are okay

in my book as compared to congressmen robbing us blind with

laws favoring the rich.


A thug robber only takes what you have.


The thugs in congress take what you have, what your kids have,

what future generations have.


Thugs in congress do their criminal thefts by using deficit spending

to cause inflation which lowers your incomes and effective purchasing



Thugs in congress make it easy and profitable to move your jobs and

US factories to asia and keep their profits made here offshore, all the

time laughing at you suckers who vote for those criminals and rich



Thugs in congress allow polluters to pollute because the thugs in

congress get paid bribes to not prosecute them like criminal hillary.


Hey, I prefer getting robbed by some ass hole with a gun rather than

some ass hole in congress or the white house using a pen.

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What is apparent is that LF trolls are scape goating trump

because dems and repuke congressmen and blacks and fat assed

women like hillary want to continue to steal trillions from young

taxpayers, main street businesses, and ordinary American working

men and women.


Oh yeah, and add religions like the jews murdering gaza residents

so they can continue to inflame mid east wars to their benefit.


jews and their POS congressmen and phony christians will all burn in hell.

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