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MORE Islamic Terrorism... and Hillary/Obama STILL CLUELESS !!

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Does it TAKE a ROCKET SCIENTIST to look at all the security concerns with allowing HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people into AMERICA from Terrorist countries, WITHOUT the PROPER VETTING, and NOT expect more and more of the NYC type bombings?


Obama stays quiet (because HE KNOWS he is at FAULT), and Hillary puts out some HYPOCRITICAL BULL CRAP...


We DO NOT need more Democrats in power... THEY are the PROBLEM, NOT the SOLOUTION !!


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The way it is; 1,000s of refugees are entering without background checks. The FBI & CIA have stated it is absolutely impossible to do the background checks without an accurate data base. There is absolutely no doubt, many of these people have radical agendas. There will be more attacks. It will be the fault of anyone who is responsible for allowing their entry. Unless the problem is addressed with a vengeance, expect much more human misery. And expect more excuses.

It has already become a monumental effort to weed out the ( so called ) American citizens who have become radicalized. Obama & company choose to compound the problem by fast tracking more ( so called ) refugees into our country.

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