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Bombing Suspect - - - Surprise Surprise


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Meanwhile, there have been about 200 people shot in the U.S since Saturday.


Alt-right douchebags love to ignore gun-related violence.

Exactly - we already have enough home grown kookaboos to sort out; so why import more?

When there's a fire, Barry will be the first responder, with a bucket of gasoline.

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They only have a 30% detonation rate on their bombs


They are not much to worry about...ISIS is like a fly in my soup to me.

I admit, they are not in line for Rhodes Scholarships; but still, 1,000s of innocents have died at their hands. Many many many many 1,000s.

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Let's face it, our fellow Americans, there is nothing in God's Universe more loathsome than a So-molly.


This feral beast is not only a raghead pig turd but also a cowardly, stinking nigqer -- all on one.


How could anything be more subhuman, we ask you?


Have you ever looked at one of those vermin in its filthy drop cloths?


It smells like a stockyards.


It's way past time to eradicate the So-molly pestilence from our fair country -- and it's the WILL OF ALMIGHTY GOD!


Know what we mean, huh? HUH?

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