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STUDY-Trump’s trade policies would send US into recession


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US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's protectionist trade policies would send the US into recession, result in the loss of almost 4.8m private sector jobs and lead to shortages of consumer goods such as iPhones, according to the most detailed study yet of his plan.



The study released on Monday by researchers at the non-partisan Peterson Institute for International Economics illustrates how, even as the New York businessman pledges to boost growth and create millions of jobs, most mainstream economists view his economic policies as dangerous quackery.

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You know what's funny? Watching liberals destroy 50 years of their economic "philosophy" just because they need something to attack Trump over.

Liberals hate free trade, now they argue free trade is the best idea ever, because Trump support fair trade.

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their economic "philosophy"

you mean like FAILED Trickle Down????

oh no, that's your FAILED/RECORD DEBT/ECONOMY KILLER Invention

You trying to distract from your own stupidity in the OP by screaming "trickle down"? Dumbass.

Trickle down has worked, every time it's been tried.

Unfortunately for you, Trickle Down Entitlement has been a complete and utter failure.


But keep talking about how stupid Trump is on Trade, I love watching you morons disembowel your own policies, just to attack him.

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