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Obama's sons acting up again, trying to kill LEO's for nothing

Old Mack

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From my hometown of Philly:


Teen shoots at officer over pot on South Street


The shooting marked the second time that police in Philadelphia faced gunfire within a little more than 24 hours.




2 cops shot, suspect and bystander killed in West Philly rampage






Horrible Video: A (codename) Democrat Tried To Run Over 3 Police Officers With His Car In Arizona


UPDATE: Pics Of The Suspect, Had Previously Attacked Police Officer In 1997




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This explains the helicopter and the immediate backup. The whole media story appears to have been false. So much for the narrative that Crutcher was just a simple, God-fearing preacher man. Update to this story.


The record appears to show that Terance Crutcher just got out of prison in May after 9 years for drug trafficking. He has convictions toward the end of that time in 2011 (in prison), 2012 and 2013, where he may have been on a work release, in a halfway house or some such program. He was on parole until March 2017.


Now, while a prior record doesn’t show whether the shooting in this case was right or wrong, what his background does show is that he had a habit of resisting the police when stopped. It also shows that he has open warrants and we don’t know if that may have come into play in the mind of the officers or in Terance Crutcher’s mind.


The police also reported today that they had found PCP in his car.


According to the Oklahoma Court records, Terance Crutcher has the following record.


1996 Shooting with Intent to Kill – Dismissed

2001 Petit Larceny – Conviction

2004 Driving while suspended – Conviction

2005 Driving while suspended, resisting officer – Conviction

2006 Driving while suspended -conviction

Driving open container – Dismissed

2006 Trafficking in illegal drugs – Conviction

He was also charged in that incident with assault on police officer and resisting, but that was dismissed.

2011 Public Intoxication (while in prison for drug trafficking) – Conviction

2012 Public Intoxication – Conviction

Obstructing an officer – conviction

2013 DUI – conviction

Resisting officer -conviction

Open Container – conviction

Failure to wear seatbelt -conviction

Speeding – conviction


When he was killed, he also appeared to have had open warrants that were issued on August 30, 2016 including for DUI, resisting, drug trafficking and public intoxication.

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