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New "Museum" on the National Mall

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Our hallowed National Mall has been desecrated by the despicable intrusion of more pathetic, craven pandering to the screeching, writhing, kinky-haired, red-eyed, monkey-lipped, bastard-born, shiftless nigqer horde.


It's called The National Museum of Nigqer Pathologies.


When we visited, the place was swarming with unclean, foul-smelling, no-IQ, surly bubble-butt bongo bunnies.


Visitors enter through the Hall of Endless Grievances, where the walls are covered with examples of the hoogaboogas' marginalization, dehumanization and oppression by "dem what debbil oh-pressers."


Next we came to the Baby-Shaking Gallery, where enraged shimebo boogerboys hurl babey shitskins against the walls and ceiling.


Moving along, we entered the Barry Hussein Soetoro Mohammad Oblabla Junior Chamber of Nigqer Hate, where docents explain that the little latrine lizard's rage is fueled by his lifelong craving for honky penises in all his orifaces.


Particularly enjoyable is the O.J. Simpson Room, where bruthas in football jerseys demonstrate the bloody slaughter of a 110-pound white hoe and a 145-pound kike boy with a hunting knife.


We spent a long time in the Niggurlicker Hall of Fame, where we watched Barbra Streisand, Hillary Clinton, Bill DeBlasio, Bonnie Fwank and others of their kind excitedly performing oral sex on sullen hoochiemommas and homies.


At the exit, we received our goody bag which included the latest Apple sail fawn, a lifetime supply of food stamps, eight ballots pre-marked for Hillary and an autographed photo of Rodney King.


Come on down and pay your respects to our violent, ranting, parasitic mudskin tribe.


Know what we mean?

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