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Fonzi's older brother in Vietnam !

Old Mack

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Levels of shun:


Shun...posters read the shun'd threads and post, BUT rarely post anything to them. When and if they respond to something, it is never directly to the shun'd poster in question.


Ultrashun...posters still reads over threads and post of the shun'd however they never post to them even if they would really like to.


Megaultrashun...posters won't even open the shun'ds thread or doesn't even read the shun'ds postings to other peoples threads.


Derogashun...posters can only post to be derogatory to the person they have on shun.


Nowandthanshun...posters who have someone on shun but every now and than burst out with some NEGATIVITY !


Shunaholics...posters who are addicted to shuning people, just for the sake of shuning them !



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fishhead you're my only cyber friend !


BTW: I'm not racist...I dislike everyone the same; especially people from Iceland.


“I’m black and I’m proud but I’m not walking around here with a chip on my shoulder acting like the world owes me something. Black Lives Matter is a cult. ALL lives matter. Not just1 black lives. And Christians, my bone to pick is with Christian people, we’re supposed to know better. I’m sick of this mess. I’m not judging either [shooting], because I don’t know all the facts. God knows the heart of those police officers and those two men that were shot. But I will say a lot of black murders are not done by cops. They’re done by black people.”


“Y’all can vote for Hillary Clinton all y’all want to. Y’all going to die and go straight to hell with her.”

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