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Liar Trump Said He “Hardly Knew” Joseph Weichselbaum A Felon


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Trump Claim:

2016: Trump Said He “Hardly Knew” Joseph Weichselbaum. According to Politico, “Trump, in his phone call to me, said he ‘hardly knew’ Weichselbaum.” [Politico, 5/22/16]




Trump Was Close Friends With Joseph Weichselbaum And Hired His Helicopter Firm To Fly Customers To Trump Casinos In Atlantic City. According to Politico, “And then there was the case of Joseph Weichselbaum, an embezzler who ran Trump’s personal helicopter service and ferried his most valued clientele. Trump and Weichselbaum were so close, Barrett reported in his book, that Weichselbaum told his parole officer about how he knew Trump was hiding his mistress, Marla Maples, from his first wife, Ivana, and tried to persuade Trump to end their years-long affair. Trump’s casinos retained Weichselbaum’s firm to fly high rollers to Atlantic City.” [Politico, 5/22/16]

At Weichselbaum’s Sentencing, Trump Said He Was “A Credit To The Community” Who Was “Conscientious, Forthright, And Diligent.” According to Politico, “Donald Trump vouched for Weichselbaum before his sentencing, writing that the drug trafficker is ‘a credit to the community’ who was ‘conscientious, forthright, and diligent.’” [Politico, 5/22/16]

Trump Hired Weichselbaum After He Was Released From Prison. According to Politico, “And while Weichselbaum’s confederates got as many as 20 years, Weichselbaum himself got only three, serving 18 months before he was released from the urban prison that the Bureau of Prisons maintains in New York City. In seeking early release, Weichselbaum said Trump had a job waiting for him.” [Politico, 5/22/16]

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