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Trump Lied And Promised His Proceeds Of Trump: The Game Would Go To Ch


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Trump Claim:

February 1989: Trump Promised His Proceeds Of Trump: The Game Would Go To Charity. According to The Huffington Post, “‘I am acting as an agent of charities,’ Donald Trump boasted to a gaggle of reporters watching him unveil his newest venture, a board game, in February 1989. ‘From the Trump perspective, all the profits we make will go towards charities,’ Trump said, rolling gold-plated dice across the pink marble atrium floor of Trump Tower.” [Huffington Post, 6/10/16]




The Huffington Post Could Not Find Proof That Trump Donated The Proceeds Of Trump: The Game To Charity. According to The Huffington Post, “The Huffington Post on Friday put this question to Trump’s lawyers, to an executive vice president at the Trump Organization, and to his presidential campaign spokeswoman. No one responded. HuffPost also contacted Hasbro, the parent company of Milton Bradley, attempting to confirm Trump’s claim of 800,000 games sold. There was no immediate response. ‘Trump: The Game’ appears to add to a growing list of charitable donations that Trump claims to have made, but haven’t been substantiated by evidence from Trump, his staff, or charities.” [Huffington Post, 6/10/16]

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