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Trump Lie: Insurance Companies Making a Fortune Off Obama Care


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Trump Claim:

Trump: “The Insurance Companies Are Making An Absolute Fortune Because Of Obamacare.” According to Washington Post, “‘The insurance companies are making an absolute fortune’ because of Obamacare. — Trump” [Washington Post, 2/26/15]



Washington Post: “For Many Insurance Companies, The Affordable Care Act Has Been A Money-Loser.” According to Washington Post, “Trump keeps saying this, but he must not be reading the financial section of newspapers these days. For many insurance companies, the Affordable Care Act has been a money-loser. For instance, UnitedHealthcare Group, one of the biggest insurance companies, announced in January that it had lost $720 million in the new exchanges in 2015, after enrolling 500,000 people. UnitedHealthcare had aimed to be a major player in the Obamacare marketplace, but it announced it might pull out completely in 2017 after a review in the coming months. The company has already halted advertising for new plans.” [Washington Post, 2/26/15]



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