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Who DOESN'T want this beauty and success for America?

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Who DOESN'T want this beauty and success for America?



Donald Trump's Luxurious Apartment


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Uploaded on May 11, 2010


Donald Trump's apartment, location top 3 floors of Trump Tower with approximately 30,000 square feet of space; detailed in bronze, gold, and marble. Estimated worth $50 million and one of the most valuable apartments in New York City.

You know who doesn't want this kind of beauty and success to be achieved by Donald Trump on behalf of ALL AMERICANS???


HARD CORE progressives.


Extreme Leftists.


Ideologues who want anarchy, who want America to be brought to her knees.


Losers with a warped set of values OR NO VALUES!






Those are the dregs of humanity who are driving the Hillary garbage truck.


She represents everything we hate about the entrenched political class in Washington. She is what hope. and change was supplied to rid us of.


We have an exciting future ahead with a vibrant Trump.


We have a dreary slog through Hillary's human swamp land if we elect her.


The only ones who vote for her are low info voters and people who don't share your values or your dreams for the future.

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So you are saying, that is Trump is elected president, everyone will get a sumptuous apartment on Fifth Avenue? Or citizens will be invited to share Trump's apartment with the lesser Trumps when The Donald and consort Melania move into the White House?


I don't recall The Donald promising this.

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Look at the peasant worship his rich lord. Quite funny to see.

Look the man with no personal brain activity, just preprogrammed responses that get used against anyone not agreeing with everything they were trained to believe after birth. What happens when all sides taken to ignore a central moment that keeps everyone equally spaced apart now tries to prove one better than all the rest is best? Organized total chaos in a natural balancing moment here around the planet.


Just the facts developed from working social theories acted out traditionally ancestrally on the global stage.

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XO, Melania is a real woman, wife and mother of their 10 year old boy, and has been for a long time.



I did not and do not deny that. She is Trump's wife, and a wife is also a "consort". Since she did not have bazillionaire roots like The Donald (vast fortunes being the equivalent of royalty in this country) the word seemed appropriate. Just as Prince Philip is Queen Elizabeth's consort, and Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's consort. It is not necessarily a derogatory title.


My assumption is that Melania would move into the White House with The Donald were we so unfortunate as to see this blowhard egomaniac elected. I would imagine that this might be Melania's wish, so as to defend The Donald against comely White House "Monicas". The old sumbitch is more than a bit of a horndog.


The fact that there is a 10 year old offspring is immaterial to anything I said.


All of this ignores my MAIN POINT, which is that the fact that The Donald has a snazzy apartment in no way implies that by electing this blowhard, all Americans will gain snazzy digs in which to live. This is a totally fallacious assumption!

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