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The Ronald Reagan The CONS Deny


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CONS love to invoke the name Ronald Reagan but by their standards, Reagan would be an ultra liberal socialist! Reagan would ban assault rifles, he granted amnesty to 3 million illegal, signed the windfall profits tax on big oil, and Reagan had common sense when it came to the environment.

It would be an understatement to say CONS are stupid, ignorant and dishonest and these facts prove it.

CONS don't know jack shit about what Reagan did. He talked the CON talk but in reality he was far far far more liberal than Bill Clinton or Obama. CONS are way to stupid and blind to see that. Like both Bushes Reagan was a borrow and spender. BUT he was a good commander in chief unlike both Bushes.











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RWR would find Trump AND his followers deplorable. Ronald and Nancy would see Trump as a disgusting jerk, and a fake patriot. Reagan today would be primaried out of the GOP by the Tea Party. Idiots like Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell would label Reagan a moderate RINO at best...


Reagan made deals with the Dems led Congress and Tip O'Neill, they helped create over 20 million American jobs in the 80's. O'Neill and Reagan were polar opposites politically, and socially, but they both put country before party. Todays R's would force Ronald Reagan out of the GOP, calling him a Leftist Progressive RINO.

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