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Kasich is rabidly right wing and is an ALEC cat


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WASHINGTON — Ohioans overturned a divisive anti-union law on Tuesday, delivering a significant defeat to Republican Gov. John Kasich and a victory to labor unions.


Ohio voters rejected Issue 2, a ballot referendum on Senate Bill 5, a measure that restricts collective bargaining rights for more than 360,000 public employees, among other provisions. Opposition to the legislation inspired large protests from residents around the state this year.


Immediately after the results came in, union officials sent out statements declaring success.


“One message rang loud and clear tonight in Ohio and across the country: those who spend their time scapegoating workers and pushing a partisan agenda will only strengthen the resolve of working people,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “From the very beginning, it’s been clear that Gov. Kasich, and indeed many politicians, were pushing an agenda that was about politics, not about solving our nation’s problems or creating jobs.”


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Any politician who opposes labor unions is on the side of Big Money; And indifferent, at best, to the shrinking of the middle class. Labor unions created the middle class, in the first place, and now are being strangled to extinction by anti-labor government regulation. The last four decades have also seen the proliferation of giant law firms specializing in the destruction of unions.


What's needed to bring back the middle class, are government policies and laws which encourage labor unions rather than suppress them.

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What do you mean, ALEC cat?

I know what the talking points are, what do you say it is?



A cat that represents the anti American radicals known as the American Legislative Exchange Council the group that joined with the fundamentalists

to over throw the USA government .

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