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Trump Tells The Truth 9% Of The Time: A CON Responds


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Me: I understand that you will be voting for Trump. How can you vote for a many who only tells the truth 9% of the time?


CON: Bill Clinton lied about getting a blowjob.


Me: What does that have to do with the fact that you are voting for Trump, a man who lies 91% of the time?


CON: Obama is a Marxist Gay Muslim and Manchelle is really a man.


Me: You are not answering the question. How can you vote for a many who only tells the truth 9% of the time? Let me put it another way. No candidate running for president has lied as much as Donald Trump yet you still plan on voting for him even when there are 3 other candidates running who are far far more honest than Trump. Can you explain that?


CON: Marxist Libtard!


Me: I see you are not going to answer that question... Moving on. Donald Trump said that senator McCain was no war hero in spite of the fact that most Americans of every political stripe acknowledge that John McCain's actions in Vietnam heroic.


CON: McCain is a RINO!


Me: Even if McCain is a RINO as you claim, how does that diminish his heroism?


CON: Trump will make America great again.


Me: CON, I can see this interview is not going anywhere. Willie, Pedro and Abdul could you come in here for a moment?


CON: Visibly shaken and get the shit sweats asked, What are these guys doing here? I don't N!ggers, Mexicants and sand N!ggers.


Me: They are going to help me get through to you CON. Willie is very good at educating racists. Pedro is going to teach you about a work ethic and that is why he brought the weed whacker and Abdul is going to demonstrate some of the finer points of Sharia law when it comes to scumbag liars like you.


CON: (Now shaking and pissing his pants) What are they going to do.


Me: Willie is just going to talk and explain why you are a punk ass bitch. Pedro is going to give you a Mexican wax job. It's like a Brazilian wax job only instead of using hot wax to remove your hair Pedro will be using his trusty weed whacker.


CON: Why's that Muslim here?


Me: I'm glad you asked CON. Abdul and I have debated the American legal system and Sharia law. We are both convinced that in most ways American law is better but there are some advantages to Sharia.


CON: (now sitting is his own urine and feces) What's the Muslim going to do?


Me: CON, you are a liar and we all know it. Abdul is going to take that knife, cut your tongue out and shove it up your ass. He may even cut your balls off and shove them down your lying throat.


Pedro and I have debated the weed whacker vs weed burner. I'll be removing 1/2 of your hair with the weed burner and Pedro will be using the weed whacker. We will compare results.

CON: MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY I thought you libs were a bunch of peaceniks.

Me: I think you are thinking about Jesus CON. We do like peace and that it why we hate the enemies of peace. So CON, was it worth it telling all those lies and being bigot, ignoramus and moron?

CON: No. please spare me.

Me: Too late CON!












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