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Little golfBOY still bringing up the e-mails....


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His party of Watergate, Arming Iraq, Arming Iran, Lying to Congress and Arming the Contras, Creating the Taliban, Creating Al-Qaeda, Lying America and its Allies into Iraq and Creating ISIS, Haliburton, Kenny Boy/Enron Trickle Down, Tax Cuts for the Top 1%, Recessions, Depressions, Foxaganda, Hate Radio, Southern Strategy, Racism.....Now denying that the gops constant meddling in the Mideast for their Profits didn't create all this

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While your girl Hillary shills for goldman sachs, voted for the Iraq war, supported the banker bailout which effectively robbed our treasury, and used the state department in what looks like the largest pay for play scandal in history.


Go Trump!



Trump is a charlatan......but at least he now knows Obama was born in America.....LOL

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