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The Deciding factor in this Election...


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Who could bring the most awesome air guitar solo!?!?!


Hilary or Don.


My vote is for Don because I think he's actually practiced it as a young man.





Don Henley I presume ......


If the nation wants a new course of action then we must replace at least replace 50% of the conservatives in the house and senate whether they are posing as democrats or republican.

Rhetoric doesn't mean shit. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to place a person at the top who is of a substantially different thinking process and has been for quite some time.

Disillusioned progressives, veterans of the Occupy movement, students charmed by “hope and change,” current Occupy movement workers, Ron Paul followers, environmentalists, peace activists, Good Samaritan Christians—there are millions upon millions of us who want to see the kind of change which Jill Stein represents.

We want change at the level of presidential politics and debate.

We want to see debate:

of why we are still in Afghanistan;

ongun control;

on a serious job stimulus;

on prosecution of the fraud that created the economic recession;

on protection from fraud in computerized voting and vote counting;

on the US policy toward Israel and Palestine;

on subsidies for the profit- bulging oil companies—none of these topics are rarely even mentioned in the presidential candidates’ “debates.”

We are ready for proposals on how to deal with climate change.

Yet from the Afghan war to voting fraud to climate change, the two parties that constitute the Duopoly want these issues out of the limelight.

It does not matter which talking-head for the Duopoly wins. Tweedledee or Tweedle-dum, they serve the 1% as they pretend to represent the broad political landscape of all Americans. That’s why there is no substance in the objection that voting for the Greens will take votes away from Hillary Clinton and so put Trump in the White House: neither Hillary Clinton nor Trump represent the 99%.

We need a candidate who will—and Jill Stein, already referred to as the unofficial presidential candidate of the Occupy movement, is just such a candidate.

From the perspective of the major economic, military, and Constitutional values, we and our children and grandchildren are screwed if either Tweedle-dee or Tweedle-dum wins.

There is no plausible argument for not voting our values and the interests by voting for Jill Stein.

The only people who need to fear our voting our values and interests are ALEC,DLC,DNC,Trump, Hillary Clinton and the 1% whom they serve.

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