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Colin Powell: Whatever Hillary touches, she SCREWS UP with "Hubris

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So why some are demanding that the media call Trump out on his lies the moment he spits one out why in the hell are those same some not demanding the same of Hillary's lies?

Why in the hell are so damn many accepting Hillary's lies not as bad as Trump's lies? How can that be?
Why in the hell did so many go to the polls and vote these liars into the final stretch while at the same time applauding that all presidential candidates are not allowed into the debates?
Isn't there something wrong with this picture?
It does appear that the majority of voters are not anymore credible than the candidates the majority of voters put forward.
I am demanding that the private corporation that stole the debates from the League of Women Voters instantly invite
all presidential candidates into the mix. What if one of these 4 candidates is not lying what then?
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That was part of the e-mails as well... BUT, WHY would I want to mention it... THAT is what YOU LIBS are for...


MY POINT, it that a guy who has called Hillary his friend, who VOTED for Obama, HAS SAID she SCREWS EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHED UP... effectively with her ARROGANCE...


He ALSO said that Hillary has a "mafia" that go around trying to ATTACK people... we all knew THAT too, but HE SAID IT !!


Me dishonest? I am probably the MOST HONEST person on this board... it's just that MOST of the time YOU DON'T LIKE THE FACTS THAT I POST... SO, YOU attack me and call me names...



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