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Nazi Time Machine Revealed And Functioning


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Say what you want about Nazi Germany but there is no denying they advanced science. They have gone back in time and actually brought Adolf Hitler to 2016. Hitler has some serious issues with Trump. He explains it in the video. Personally, I think he's jealous because Trump's supporters are far more depraved than the Nazis of yesteryear.


Sadly the time machine causes some somatic changes. The Hitler who came through is a bit different and much more of a pussy.


Hitler had a lot to say about Trump and not all of it was nice.


Hitlers Time Machine - The Nazi Bell, Wunderwaffe, Die Glocke ...


Hitlers Time Machine, "Die Glocke" The Nazi Bell | Beyond Science




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"SOKhound, I really am a nutball.

I didn't realize I had so many screws loose.

If I could just keep from threatening to kill people here, I might not get banned.

Maybe I can get Hitlary to kill them all ... yeah, that's it ... I'll get Hitlary ... "



























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Adolescent Liberals think Late-night Comedy is real.


Democrat National Socialist Nazi's are delusional.





Is your brown shirt still at the cleaners?


At the end of WW2 the allies killed over 3 million Nazis. It seems that the purge worked there.

Wow, didn't think Silverman would actually wear a swastika. Even so, this is very poor taste. There is no humor in this and if this is what liberals think, you all need to grow up. Trump is not Hitler. Hillary is not a witch. Get over yourselves.


Trump may not be Hitler, Hitler was far more moral, but his supporter are no different than Nazis. The only thing missing are the brown shirts.


Silverman was mocking morons and comedy is a great way to show what dangerous and depraved Trumptards really are.

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