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The time I spoke with Rosa Parks on L.A. radio!

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Way back to the late 80's, the great Rosa Parks, was to appear on a local L.A. radio station, i forget if it was AM 640 or AM 790...


It was an anniversary of her heroic literal STANCE, she took on December 1st, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, which led to the civil rights victories there, and was considered the spark plug of the Civil Rights Movement! I called in and waited for what seemed like a long time, not believing i had a chance to get on live with Rosa Parks, after all, it was Los Angeles, with a radio audience of potentially hundreds of thousands. But the cards were on my side that night.


I heard the host say my first name and that "I was on ON THE AIR with Rosa Parks!" I was shy but said "Hello Miss Parks, it's an honor to speak with you, and i want you to know i have written about you in social studies, and i consider you a real American hero!"


Then to the thrill of my then 22 yr old existence, Rosa Parks addressed me by name and thanked me!! We exchanged some more pleasantries and concluded the call. I remember she had such a nice, gentle, sincere voice, it was only a couple of minutes speaking with her, but to a then 22 yr old college student and world history major, it was a great and privileged moment. It was like Rosa Parks gave me a hug thru the radio.


A moment i will never forget, and am truly grateful that it happened at all. My kids first heard about Rosa Parks from me, before they ever learned about her in school...

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Dontlooknow says 'this isn't Facebook but ok'?


WTF did that mean? You can't approve of a little positive diversion to the monotonous crap and battles that go on here DLN?


Rosa Parks was very socially and politically relevant. Influencing a revolution that led to greater equality in this culturally diverse-melting pot nation we call our home.


Who the fuck are you to question my threads appropriateness on this Forum? Very disrespectful and uncalled for, but it shows your shallowness...


Can't believe you're a moderator DLN, your posts come off as half-drunk and often unintelligible.


That was below the belt dude, you come off like a CON/PHONY. Cold-blooded and downright stupid...

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