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Trump Is Lying About IRS Audit


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Donald Trump campaign manager goes berserk when asked for IRS proof Trump is being audited


Donald Trump has broken with a 40-year-old tradition of U.S. presidential candidates making public their tax returns because he claims to be under audit by the IRS—but he has yet to produce definitive proof that he is really being investigated.

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To back up the contention that he is being audited, Trump’s campaign earlier this year released a letter from his tax lawyers stating that he was under audit. That leaves the public having to take the word of Trump’s paid legal advocates. There’s a more definitive option: The real estate developer could very easily produce documentation from the Internal Revenue Service stating that he is under audit.

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When the IRS audits a person or a business, it’s standard procedure for the federal tax-collecting agency to send an audit letter that informs the subject that returns are being scrutinized. If Trump is really under an audit, he would have this letter, and he would be perfectly free to release it. Sometimes, the IRS will notify a subject with a phone call, but it’s always followed by a letter, according to the IRS.

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