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Donald Trump Shocks with Five-Point Lead over Hillary Clinton in Ohio

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Say it libtards: President Trump


Donald Trump Shocks with Five-Point Lead over Hillary Clinton in Ohio

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is now leading Hillary Clinton by five points in the crucial swing state of Ohio, according to a poll released by Bloomberg News.

The poll was taken over September 9-12 as Clinton described Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables” and raised questions about her health after collapsing while attending a 9/11 memorial in New York City.

Trump earns 48 percent of support, while Clinton only has 43 percent in a two-way contest. With third-party candidates included, Trump still leads 44 percent to Clinton’s 39 percent.

In 2012, President Obama beat Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Ohio, 50.1 percent to 48.2 percent.

Trump also has a five-point lead in favorably ratings. Forty-five percent view Trump favorably while Clinton has a 40 percent rating.

On immigration, 49 percent of voters said that Trump’s plan to enforce the law and deport millions of illegal immigrants was a good idea, while only 45 percent said it was a bad idea. Six percent said they were not sure.

The poll featured results from 802 Ohio likely voters during the period of September 9-12 and has a margin of error +/- 3.5 percent.

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