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confusing, criminal political contradictions

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The NY attorney general is investigating the Trump foundation.

The NY attorney general is a strong hillary supporter,

The NY attorney general is NOT investigating hillary's criminal

actions in her foundation and emails of:

destroying evidence,

obstruction of justice,

LYING to a federal judge and to the FBI,

using "charitable" donations to line her own pockets,

soliciting donations in a pay for play and access to political power.

The NY legislature and courts are NOT impeaching the AG.



obama and powell whine about racism and prejudice against blacks,

blacks are raping college women,

blacks are using cars and guns to attack and kill police officers,

police and teachers receive NO help from black whore and thug

blacks in our inner cities,

blacks commit the vast majority of crimes in this country as compared

to their total population.

black athletes are racist against our flag, our country and our police.

no one says anything.



central americans are coming to this country in record numbers as

encouraged by obama and hillary,

central americans and blacks and browns in this country HATE

children and bear them into poverty and ignorance instead of practicing

birth control.

blacks and browns now outnumber whites in this country.

but somehow, it is not correct to be proud of being white and a hard

worker and wanting good pay and good jobs and patriotism and have

good WHITE values of decency and high standards of living.



women are voting for hillary because she and they have vaginas and

fat asses and are stupid and FUBAR.

women in this country are incredibly stupid and have selective judgment

in ignoring hillary's CRIMES and leaving men behind to die in benghazi.


colin powell disrespects Trump, but colin powell says

nothing about hillary leaving men behind to die in benghazi

or hillary committing all her obvious crimes and not being

prosecuted by POS obama and his flunkies in the FBI and

fed. ATTY GEN.


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Americans whine about isis and muslims and their religions,

and Americans are alarmed by obama giving tens of BILLIONS

to the iranian leaders in cash so they can pocket the wealth themselves.

But congress and the prez are also giving tens of BILLIONS of our

tax dollars to the jews in Palestine to help the jews use hatred

and murder and apartheid such as against semitic countrymen

in the gaza ghetto.


giving money to any religion VIOLATES the First Amendment

which prohibits the government from helping to establish any

religion such as establishing the jewish religion in Palestine since



confusing (unless the money is given to the jews by congress and

obama and hillary in order to bribe the jews for votes and campaign


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