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How fast will trump meet this goal?

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They probably have already met it from the deplorables donating



Were launching an ad to fight back against Hillarys disgusting comments made at a closed-door fundraiser Friday night.


She called tens of millions of hard-working Americans deplorable people who dont belong in her America.


We need to raise $1,OOO,OOO in the next 24 hours to help get our ad up on the air. Contribute $100, $65, $35, $25, or even $15 to help us push this far and wide.

Who exactly was Hillary talking about when she made these despicable comments?


The coal miners she vows to put out of business, the veterans dying while waiting for treatment, the police officers concerned about rising crime, the American citizens worried about an uncontrolled border, the workers who havent seen a raise in years...


And what about the former and active duty military members who strongly support my father over Hillary? Are they deplorable?


Because we dont subscribe to Hillarys elitist plan for America, shes written off tens of millions of Americans as deplorable.


You and I both know the media will try to sweep this under the rug as quickly as they can.


But thats why we need to act fast with a fundraising blitz to get this airing in states that will determine the fate of this election.

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You are a deplorable asshole King.. But I will make sure Hillary says you can stay here.


Trump can't reach any goal politically.


5's, your signature picture of Hitlary for 2016 cracks me up.


"You have to be asleep to believe it."







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