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Lack of TRUST between Hillary and Trump...

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People don't trust Trump because of some off handed remarks, AND because Hillary and the Democrats have been accusing him of things HE has NEVER supported nor stood for...


People don't trust Hillary because of WHAT SHE HAS DONE... She's been accused of Lying and CORRUPTION, and WORSE since the Wategate days... NOW, with the e-mail scandal, her LIES, and the emerging CORRUPTION stemming from the Clinton Foundation pay for play FLEECING of AMERICA... THOSE fears have MORE DEEDS to STICK to Hillary because of...


So? do people believe the Hillary LIES? of do they Believe the Hillary DEEDS... and MORE and MORE people are voting with their FEET, and moving to TRUMP...


Also, when the Debates come and go... does anyone think people will see the Donald Trump that Hillary has portrayed? OR the REAL Donald Trump...


I think Hillary has built a house of cards... and it's about to fall in ALL OVER HER !!



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