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Did you notice what was missing as to 9-11 memorials?

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Did you notice what was missing as to 9-11 memorials?


1. No ONE said that bush, cheney, rice, rumsfeld, townsend,

republicans, gates, hayden, and the bush administrators were

a bunch of fuckups for 8 months leading to the deaths of 3000

'mericans, heh, heh, heh.


2. NO ONE said that bush and cheney, his flunkies, and republicans

AND HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIED to take this country to two wars to kill and maim tens of thousands

of our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of mid eastern humans all

just to enrich oil billionaires and wall street gamblers.


3. And no mention of hillary's fuckup in benghazi and her coverups

AND LIES for neglect and killing of Americans.



boy our news media is a bunch of fuckups and are only great at

re-writing history to wring their hands over 9-11 without affixing blame.

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Blame is not a normal topic for memorials of any type.


Truth would have been refreshing.


Which truth? Relative, figurative, literal, social, political, spiritual, economic, artistic, academic, as you are only allowed one at a time while each truth gets a piece of the action at dividing up ancestry one ancestor at a time.

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