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Eric Trump: Like Father, Like Son


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Young Eric Trump is a piece of shit liar just like his old man. It isn't so much the lying that burns my ass, it's how fucking stupid they are in thinking they'll get away with it. But maybe they're right, cons don't mind being lied to and being made to look like fools.





Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump, appeared to share a false photo of Trump's Florida rally this weekend, slamming Hillary Clinton for calling half of his dad's supporters "deplorables."

"Look at the #BasketofDeplorables in Pensacola Florida last night! What a horrible statement," Eric Trump tweeted Saturday with an image of a packed arena during a Trump speech.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a Clinton supporter, corrected Trump.

"I'm pretty sure that's our arena in Dallas Eric."

Sportscaster Keith Obermann, who has been a vocal critic of Trump, also told Trump's he was wrong.

"The photo in your tweet about Deplorable Dad's Pensacola speech shows the Dallas Mav's arena," he wrote on Twitter. "You're dumber than he is."

Clinton came under fire on Friday and eventually apologized for saying half of Trump's supporters could be categorized as a "basket of deplorables" because of their bigoted views.

"Last night I was 'grossly generalistic,' and that's never a good idea. I regret saying 'half' - that was wrong," Clinton said in a statement Saturday.

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