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Police post controversial photo of heroin overdose victims in Ohio


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I guess the police originally posted this pic without blurring the faces which caused a controversy about the right to privacy. But they wanted to evoke a reaction from the public and to let them know what they are dealing with every single day. Plus, I think they are trying to hit the state or feds up for some money to provide more officers or drug counselors.


Poor kid. His folks bogarted all the dope for themselves. None for you, sonny jim.


(Full article at above link)

An Ohio police department fed up with the country’s opioid epidemic published a shocking image Friday of two adults who overdosed on heroin. The image, which spread across the internet, elicited quick criticism from addiction advocates and community members who questioned the value of violating the individuals’ privacy.

The photos show two adults slumped over with their mouths wide open in the front seats of a car with a four-year-old child in a dinosaur-print shirt staring at the camera lens. It was taken after they nearly hit a stopped school bus while driving on Wednesday afternoon.

Both adults were revived with the overdose reversal drug Narcan and have been charged. The image, meanwhile, was shared across the internet and received more than 1,000 comments since it was posted on Thursday.

“This is reality,” John Lane, the East Liverpool police chief said. “Every day we’re dealing with this. We need help and we don’t have the resources to deal with it.”

Lane said the East Liverpool city Facebook page posted the photos after hours of discussion with police, the local prosecutor and mayor. They also posted the police affidavit, with the names of the adults and a description of the incident. “We are well aware that some may be offended by these images and for that we are truly sorry, but it is time that the non-drug-using public sees what we are now dealing with on a daily basis,” the post said.

The 11,000-person city is near Ohio’s border with Pennsylvania and West Virginia, a region hard hit by the latest wash of opioid addiction, which is affecting the white population at a skyrocketing rate.

Lane said the city posted the photo to show the effects of heroin addiction and show how the city does not have enough officers or treatment centers to fight the problem. “We’re drowning down here,” he said. “We need help here completely and totally.”

But addiction experts said shaming two people with a mental illness can inhibit recovery.

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