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Debate Moderators Should Call Out The Lies on All Sides


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Don’t Fall for It: The Nader Myth and Your 2016 Vote

Once again, fear is being ramped up to manipulate progressive voters into voting for what they do not want, Hillary Clinton, instead of someone who represents their values. The fear of Trump is the card being played this year and to justify it people are being told that Gore lost to Bush in 2000 because of third party candidates. One of the most effective pieces of political propaganda in this century has been the Nader Myth, which says that Al Gore lost in 2000 because Ralph Nader ran for president.
This myth is repeated by many Democratic Party operatives and people in the media, who are essentially serving as Democratic Party spokespersons. Since the Democratic Party’s method of convincing people to vote for Hillary Clinton is fear of Trump, people should be prepared with the facts around the 2000 election so they can dispel the Nader Myth.
The reality is that Gore lost hundreds of thousands of votes to Bush in Florida that he should have won. The Democrats needed to make Nader into a scapegoat because they did not want to admit the real reasons that Gore lost to Bush.
The Democrats should be land sliding the incredibly weak Republican ticket but they are neck and neck in national polls because Clinton has a similar big business, pro-war record as does her vice president, Tim Kaine.
Clinton-Kaine are still likely to win but they need to instill Trump fear to drive voter turnout. Trump fear is a fraud. The electoral college map, the demographic shifts in the country and Trump’s hateful campaign, turning off major groups of voters, ensure that Hillary Clinton will be the next president.
There is no reason to vote in fear. Don’t fall for the Nader Myth, now you have the facts.
Tim Wise, Why Nader is Not to Blame, AlterNet, November 7, 2000
Irene Dieter, Dispelling the Myth of the 2000 Election, California Greens, May 2003
gjohnsit,The Ralph Nader Myth, Daily Kos, December 6, 2013
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