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hillary brags about putting isis in Libya and no Americans died

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In the military forum, hillary bragged about getting rid of kadaffi in

Libya and about putting isis terrorists there.


And then, hillary said because of her, no Americans died in Libya,

not even in Benghazi, not even an ambassador of her state department

and a few body guards because of her fuckups in not removing the

ambassador and not putting squads of US Marines there to guard him

as Marines guard every other ambassador.


And you ass holes STILL want to vote for that fat assed, lying, criminal,

man hating bitch?????????????????

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It is sure nice that the news media is helping hillary re-write history so that Ambassador stevens

and some brave souls guarding him did not die when Col. Custer clinton was

in charge of subduing the 2000 indians in Benghazi.


I know they are around here somewhere, hillary said. I just misplaced them. But the

incompetent FBI will find them regardless how much I deleted them to obstruct justice

and destroy evidence and evade paying taxes in her "charitable" for her hillary self-charity.

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