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Best Line I've Read All Week!!

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Thanks. And I meant those lines with all sincerity.


I would put a bullet in a hunters head without thinking twice about it. You fucking clueless bastards.


I hope she [12 year old girl] dies. Preferably murdered.


They should be the first to die, of course. I guess she could be sent to a reeducation camp. But if it didn't take, she should be shot.


America needs a "Night of the Long Knives." People like you would be on the list and be the first to be "disappeared."


I would love to kill that fucker [Conservative Ted Nugent] and then hold him up by the ears for a selfie. He's a piece of shit. The world will be a better place when he's dead. That is the epitaph of most Republicans.


...My misanthropy is constantly sated. Large swathes of humanity need to be eliminated.


The U.S. needs to institute 'capital flight' laws. If you are incorporated in the U.S., YOU WILL STAY IN THE U.S. or your corporation and personal assets will be seized and your executive officers imprisoned or executed.


The Walton family should be assassinated.


This is unacceptable. Take their money and redistribute it. If they refuse, line them up on the side of a ditch and shoot them in the head. It is not difficult.



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" What difference does it make"?



Now put it in Context....what was she say before and after that????



did Foxaganda for complete Morons tell you??


Said it was caused by a video ( to the American people ), an orchestrated terrorist attack to her daughter.

She is a lying bloated swamp sow. I live for the day KARMA catches up to her.

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