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Hillary's Boot On Trump's Head


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Poor Goofy, the polls make a liar out of him. And like he says, polls good!!!! LMAO!!


Real Clear Politics

As of Aug. 30, RCP's general election average shows Clinton leading Trump in a head-to-head matchup, 46.6% to 42%, a 4.6-point advantage (down from 8 points three weeks ago). Clinton currently leads in seven of RCP's eight featured polls (FOX News, Reuters/Ipsos, Economist/YouGov, PPP, Monmouth, NBC News/SM, and Quinnipiac). The largest lead for Clinton among those polls is 10 points (Quinnipiac).

Clinton Favorability 41%
Trump Favorability 35%

Florida: Clinton +2.7
Ohio: Clinton +3.8
Pennsylvania: Clinton +8
Georgia: Clinton +.03
North Carolina: Clinton +1.5
Iowa: Clinton +1.5
Nevada: Clinton +2.3
Wisconsin: Clinton +5.3
Michigan: Clinton +8.2
Colorado: Clinton +11.8
Virginia: Clinton +13


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Someone want to telll Shitao that it's not Aug 30 anymore?

Florida is tied after HIllary leading by 9.

Trump leads in N Carolina.

Trump leads in Ohio.

Virginia is tied.

Clinton's lead in Pennsylvania has been cut in half.

Trump leads in Iowa.


Oh, and that's not Hillary's boot, it's her withered vagina

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Someone want to telll Shitao that it's not Aug 30 anymore?

Poor Goofy doesn't realize Aug 30 is 11 days ago. LMOA!!!


Face it Goofy, the nation is turning towards Hillary big time, as millions of Trump's highest leadership turn to Hilary and drags along their voting bases. The GOP is splintered and falling apart.


Trump can't seem to re-manufacture himself into a good guy, no body is buying it. You are going to need another Benghazi or email gate to win, because you have no positive record for the people, it has been fuck workers, fuck teachers, fuck firemen, fuck police men, fuck union members, fuck college students, fuck bleeding women, fuck, fuck fuck, every decent good thing and fuck America. Nothing to run on Goofy, you have befriended all the intelligent voters, my word, they didn't forget the last 8 years. And what is Trump offering? More of the same fuck you Americans & America.


Where is that wall Goofy?

Where is Trump's Fuck You America Tax Records?

Where is druggie Trump's Health records?


Better hurry and find something fresh for America to hate Hillary, all your other trivial lies have all fallen apart, Americans quit listening back when Bernie said move on. The charity isn't panning out or the GOP would be all over it.


It really looks like Hillary is going to sweep the nation.

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