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A national anthem worthy of a nation.

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You taught history during your career as an educator, so when did the Star Spangle Banner become America's National anthem? Wasn't it 1906?


why after a century of not needing one did there have to be one and a century later the country is imploding faster than sustainable economically??


A little global planned obsolescence again? Traditional 12 step program of changing the meaning of being a certain nationality one generation at a time?


Sounds zen to me. Baby steps redecorating social identity so of those ruled by law, nobody remembers what the original plan was, just follow orders within the rule of law without questioning policy makers and enforcers.of moral superiority, legal precedence, economic value, and ethical treatment of those honoring denial cradle to grave.


No mercy upon those suggesting reality isn't completely honest anywhere in the atmosphere.

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This country is not "imploding" whatever the Hell you mean by that.

I don't think there was any need felt to have a national anthem into 1913 (that was the year).

Theodore Roosevelt emphasized the US as a world power and Congress got a patriotic burr up its ass.


The problem with the National Anthem is that it is hard to sing, and the words are about a battle that was less than the greatest of a war a lot of Americans could not remember if not for the fact that it was identified as the War of 1812.


There are better tunes, there are better lyrics possible.

This Aussie anthem (not the official one, strangely) tells the history of the country.

This Land is Your Land is far better than the Star Spangled Banner as national songs go.

We ought to have a contest for a new one.

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Just as you do self contained by the moment here and the skin occupying it only being a one of a kind, ever reproduced biologically. Now contextually, that is just an act of pretending to be superior to mortal lifetimes intellectually.


Ignoring the self evident balances only sustained here in the moment is a social cancer that will lead the species doing it to self extinction, and you loath the skin you are in.


I cannot stop humanity, but I can die knowing what being human was my entire time of occupying the moment your ideology tried to deny me having the serenity of knowing everything you do and why you do it.


the death of nobody can know everything about anything as specific as Eternity itself from the inside out.

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