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Hillary Outspends Trump 5 to 1 While Lead Evaporates


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Typical liberalism. Blow your money and get shit to show for it.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ended last week in a downward spiral—and based on a new CNN/ORC poll, that isn’t likely to change soon.

The latest poll—and again, it’s the CNN poll, so it cannot be easily dismissed by Clinton backers as a right-wing outlier—finds that Clinton’s lead over GOP nominee Donald Trump has evaporated. Now Trump leads Clinton by 2 points (with a margin-of-error of 3.5 percentage points). Just a couple weeks ago, Clinton led Trump by 8 points and appeared to be pulling away—making November look like it might be a landslide for a woman whose actions have been investigated by the FBI.


What’s even more striking about this reversal is it comes as Clinton and her allies have outspent Trump and his allies by an eye-popping 4.5-to-1 margin. The Observer has learned from sources in the field of political media buying that Clinton and PACs supporting Clinton have spent somewhere around $125 million through the end of August on television commercials. That compares to less than $30 million for Trump and pro-Trump PACs.

Clinton’s total includes over $53 million spent by Priorities USA, which has raised at least $109 million, according to OpenSecrets.org. This makes the dramatic shift in the candidates’ fortune all the more striking, since pro-Hillary forces have been banking on her ability to raise colossal sums from elite donors—even The New York Times dinged her in a story called “Where Has Hillary Clinton Been? Ask the Ultrarich”—as a foolproof weapon.

The Clinton landslide many insiders predicted (the Times has nudged up Trump’s chances from 10 percent to 16 percent in its daily horserace) may no longer be a foregone conclusion, after more than a week of bad news has piled up for Clinton. It started with a revelation from The Associated Press that more than half of the people who had meetings with Clinton while she was secretary of state also donated to the Clinton Foundation. Then a poll on Wednesday found registered voters now view Clinton about as negatively as they view Trump.

Clinton is a historically disliked candidate, but Trump is even more disliked. This was sort of a selling point for Clinton. “Hey, you don’t like me, but you hate him,” was the thinking. That poll removed that selling point.


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