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House Oversight Panel Asks Feds to Probe Deleted Clinton Emails

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House Oversight Panel Asks Federal Prosecutor to Probe

Deleted Hitlary Rotten Clinton Emails

The Republican chairman of the House committee investigating Hitlary Rotten Clinton’s email practices asked a federal prosecutor Tuesday to determine whether she and others working with her played a role in the deletion of thousands of her emails by a Colorado technology firm overseeing her private computer server in 2015.

The written request by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and obtained by The Associated Press, is based on recent revelations from the FBI, which decided not to press for criminal charges after its own yearlong investigation.


Hitlary Rotten Clinton and her longtime aide and lawyer, Cheryl Mills, told FBI investigators during questioning that they had no knowledge of the technology company’s deletions. Those occurred separately from the email deletions overseen by the former secretary of state’s legal team last year before she turned over 33,000 work-related messages to the State Department. The FBI’s recently released summaries of its investigation did not offer any evidence contradicting their statements...



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oh yea, the fucking ball busting imbeciles in the FBI and the

corrupt, fat assed attorney general will get right on that investigation.


give them a few months to sweep it under the rug, determine how

to fuck it up and determine what excuses they can give to not indict

criminal, rotten hillary.


Oh yeah, real justice in the no justice department. Sure, sure.

more bribes and corruption. Oh we just talked about our grandchildren

and his golf game. hillary just deleted emails about yoga cause they were

so scandalous and classified.


Anybody at the FBI or in the no justice department want to buy my deed to

the Brooklyn Bridge, suckas.

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