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27 million still don't have health insurance

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Wtf? Why?


Because Obamacare did not reduce the cost of insurance which was already through the roof as it has been for the past 40 years. The insurance industry pays too much out in

campaign money,CEO salaries,golden parachutes,commissions and has 8 lobbyists per elected official.



Expanded and Improved Medicare for All is the solution.


- Easy to Implement: Medicare has been in existence since 1966, it provides

healthcare to those 65 and older, and satisfaction levels are high. The

structure is already in place and can be easily expanded to cover everyone.


- Simple: One entity – established by the government – would handle billing

and payment at a cost significantly lower than private insurance companies.

Private insurance companies spend about 31% of every healthcare dollar on

administration. Medicare now spends about 3%.


- Real Choice: An expanded and improved Medicare for All would provide

personal choice of doctors and other healthcare providers. While financing

would be public, providers would remain private. As with Medicare, you chose

your doctor, your hospital, and other healthcare providers.


- State and Local Tax Relief: Medicare for All would assume the costs of

healthcare delivery, thus relieving the states and local governments of the

cost of healthcare, including Medicaid, and as a result reduce State and

local tax burdens.


- Expanded coverage: Would cover all medically necessary healthcare

services – no more rationing by private insurance companies. There would be

no limits on coverage, no co-pays or deductibles, and services would include

not only primary and specialized care but also prescription drugs, dental,

vision, mental health services, and long-term care.


- Everyone In, Nobody Out: Everyone would be eligible and covered. No

longer would doctors ask what insurance you have before they treat you.


- No More Overpriced Private Health Insurance: Medicare for All would

eliminate the need for private health insurance companies who put profit

before healthcare, unfairly limit choice, restrict who gets coverage, and

force people into bankruptcy.


- Lower Costs: Most people will pay significantly less for healthcare.

Savings will be achieved in reduced administrative costs and in negotiated

prices for prescription drugs.

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