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The ANTI-Intellectual Sewer known as Foxaganda

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Channel surfing last night, on Red Eye with Tom SHILLue, a conservative panelist gleefully quoted Osama Bin Laden...


These so-called conservatives can't find a thousand other potential people to quote?


Osama Bin Laden she enthuisiastically quoted, 5 days before the 15th anniversary of the attacks on 9-11???


And Trump knowingly quotes Mussolini and doesn't care.

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as Anti-Intellectual as the gop, catering to the Uneducated, the racists, the haters, the Liars...lets hope they both go out of business



Ignorant and bitter - and therefore easily manipulated and used - losers have always been with us, but for the last decades the monied interests have been propping them up, financing them, and rigging the media and our elections to give their mindless stooges a disproportionate say in our public discourse.


Time for our hillbilly national embarrassments to crawl back to their red state trailers where they belong, and vent their resentment and tears by screaming at the television from their recliners, the way they used to.

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