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Hillary Runs From Question about Trailing in CNN Poll


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CNN Poll: Clinton Blows Double Digit Lead, Trails Trump By Two Points Nationally

A new CNN poll shows Republican Donald Trump has closed an 11-point gap with Democrat Hillary Clinton and leads her nationally in the race for the White House by two points.

… snip …

Among those likely to turn out in the fall, both candidates have secured about the same share of their own partisans (92% of Democrats back Clinton, 90% of Republicans are behind Trump) but independents give Trump an edge, 49% say they'd vote for him while just 29% of independent voters back Clinton.

You have to love the title of that article. :D

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Too funny, they can't run away fast enough. And catch the look the dyke in the suit toward the reporter that asked the question, at the 18 second mark. lol-049.gif




The look that says "You better not be looking at my ass."


My speakers are down.



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Libbers are going off the rails AS PREDICTED. Hilarity is an ill old liar that is falling in the polls. Libbers now want to kill cons. When you read the posts here it is hard to believe that libbers still believe in democracy. Libs have put up the most corrupt candidate in my lifetime (i am old) and now are not only hurling insults at the opposition candidate, but also write they want to kill the opposition who may be in the majority. As we approach the election look for libbers to sink further into their dementia. Kill the cons, end religion, take away guns, force citizens to buy products from private companies, regulate the amount of soda pop in a cup. Libs are really fascists who believe anyone who disagrees with their tired same same solutions of tax and spend should be killed. Dems: We hardly knew you.

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