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I'll be honest. I was very disappointed by the election results. I didn't want Hillary Clinton to win the Democrat nomination and I didn't want Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination. I wanted two different people to run for President.


But I can tell you about three people who were originally against Trump but now want him to win. Those three people are: myself, my cousin and a friend of mine. When Trump said that he can bring prayer back to schools, I became his supporter. My cousin once called Trump 'The Devil', but after he took the time to re-examine things, he changed his mind.


I also like that Trump said that he'll help our vets if he wins. Our veterans fought and were prepared to die to maintain our freedom. Out of all of the people in the USA, our veterans deserve to be helped the most.


Yes, Trump has his shortcomings. Two of which are his temper and that he loves to shoot his mouth off. He has his shortcomings but he isn't a tyrant like many people claim. My dad had a temper and he loved to shoot his mouth off but he certainly wasn't a tyrant. I'm getting sick of people comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. Trump isn't another Hitler and people know it.


Trump also has other shortcomings but Hillary also has a bunch of shortcomings. Let's forget about the charges that she has been facing for a moment. Even if she had never faced charges, she still has her shortcomings. Two of which are that she is racist and she is a bully. Hillary admires Margaret Sanger enormously even though Sanger said that black people should be exterminated. That is racist. Many years ago, Hillary referred to some mentally challenged children as 'F****** retards'. She bullied sweet, innocent children. Children who were mentally challenged.


Both candidates have flaws. If Hillary wins, she will not be a better President than Trump. I'm not saying that Trump would be a better president than Hillary but he sure wouldn't be worse.

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Trump doesn't mean a word he says. His position keeps changing constantly as he contradicts himself every day. So what is Trump's real agenda? For that we have to look at his business record. He is currently involved in hundreds of law suits, he has busted unions, and he has reneged on paying workers. He is out to gouge the system for his own profit. Trump is for no one but Trump.


With Hillary you get someone with more integrity and consistency. She might be far from perfect, but will not do the same damage in four years that Trump will. Hillary is distrusted enough, that a presidency will be a trial run only. She will have to prove herself, unequivocally, in four years or be replaced with another Democratic candidate.

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Trump has discovered how profitable and satisfying to his ego being a celebrity can be. Win or lose, running for president increases his celebrity status.

He will be raking in the bucks giving speeches is he loses, because he draws attention to people who like simple-minded solutions..

He is ignorant of world and even national political issues and has the attention span if a gnat, according to the guy who really wrote his book of him.

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Don't be an idiot. The President can not "bring prayer back to schools." That is an issue for SCOTUS that has already been ruled on. It is unconstitutional. And what denomination of prayers did you have in mind, Jesus freak? (as if anyone has any doubts)

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