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YOU THE READER will prove Trump is the better choice for POTUS!&#3

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YOU THE READER will prove Trump is the better choice for POTUS!!!


Imagine Trump being the Secretary of State.


Then imagine Trump being Secretary of State and not having any accomplishments to speak of in three years on the job.


You can't!


YOU proved my point!


Hillary saw her job was to enrich the Clinton Foundation and that requires keeping a low profile lest anyone take notice of her corruption.


And none of you can list three of her accomplishments while at the post, can you?


Point proved.


Trump AT LEAST would have made great deals for America.


It's what he does!


Hillary lied and stole from us and let our men died because she was incompetent or caught in a corruption bind between serving BHO or serving her country.


She chose the devil.


Because it's what she does.


You can't imagine Trump doing this.


Case closed.

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