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If Only Hillary Cared For Working People Like Joe Biden


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I have watched Joe Biden over the years. He has been consistent in his advocacy for labor and, therefore, labor unions


Biden is not running for office. He need not sell anyone a bill of goods. His passion for the betterment of working people comes from his heart. Biden has always understood the crucial role played by labor unions in creating the American Middle Class. Here he is praising the findings of a progressive think tank, the Economic Policy Institute, on this Labor Day:









Labor Day is about celebrating the achievements of the men and women who built our great country. But for the last four decades, stagnant wages and the erosion of unions and collective bargaining have contributed to growing income inequality in America.

Now, EPI has released a study that, for the first time, documents how the wage decline for nonunion workers can be directly attributed to the decline of unions in the United States. In fact, for the 32.9 million full-time nonunion private-sector women and 40.2 million full-time private-sector men, there is a $133 billion loss in annual wages because of weakened unions.

Click here to read EPI’s new report, “Union decline lowers wages of nonunion workers: The overlooked reason why wages are stuck and inequality is growing.”

This week in Warren, Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden praised the new report:

“The Economic Policy Institute just put out a 57 page report that wonks like me end up reading... Here’s the conclusion of the paper: If organized labor was as strong today as it was in 1979, the whole country would be doing better.”

Click here to watch Vice President Joe Biden discuss how strong unions raise the wages of all workers. Then share this video on Facebook to help educate family and friends on the positive impact of unions.

According to Jake Rosenfeld, the report’s lead author:

“Rebuilding collective bargaining is one of the tools we have to reinvigorate wage growth for low- and middle-wage workers.”

According to EPI President Lawrence Mishel:

“Unions have functioned to raise the wages of all workers, union and nonunion. The erosion of collective bargaining has clearly taken a huge toll on nonunion wages in the United States, and is a major factor in the wage stagnation of the last four decades.”

Together, let’s celebrate Labor Day by fighting to strengthen collective bargaining and raise the wages of all workers.

Thank you,

Liz Rose
Communications Director, EPI




Biden on labor unions, from Sept 2015



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Joe's cool, my teenage daughter who was totally into Bernie always liked Joe too. Joe comes off as a real guy / he is I believe he is too.


but look, hillary has had to pull swank and other crap, she's continuously been labeled a heretic by first the right and then by the rest for a long long time.


yet what are the guided principals for change that is real, change that is good people? I have to applaud the young black lives matter movement leadership - hillary should to, the reason is this is from where we truly start to make change.


Go read some james baldwin or langston hughes, etc...


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when you send the rain
think about it, please,
a little?
not get carried away
by the sound of falling water,
the marvelous light
on the falling water.
am beneath that water.
It falls with great force
and the light
me to the light.


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