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Presidential Polls 2016: Trump Tops Clinton in Florida

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Presidential Polls 2016: Trump Tops Clinton in Florida


People, who have not been polled and significantly not courted, targeted or accounted for by countless campaign across the state, have become a more important issue recently as Trump tops Clinton on those votes.

A huge increase in mail voting, by people who seldom vote in primary election, noticed by the political team at the Florida Chamber of Commerce. It seems that Floridians have become more active comparing the past four primary elections, as per half of the mail ballots returned so far for Tuesday’s Primary Election.


Amazed Marian Johnson, senior vice president of Political Strategy for the Florida Chamber and one of the foremost experts on Florida campaign and politics, thinks that absentee ballot return in Florida can cause a surprise change in the Presidential Election 2016. He said that, “This is Huge. I can envision election night when the votes are counted that certain people win that nobody thought had a chance and that being attributed to this trend”.

Absentee ballot return in Florida is counted as 855,000 so far, whereas 215,000 voters did not participate in the last four primaries and 171,000 voters have voted in each of the last four primaries. Well, among those new primary voters, 86,000 supports Democrats and 90,000 goes for Republicans.

Absentee ballot returns in Florida has developed weeks ago, and voter was categorized on how many of the last four primaries they voted in, by a zero, one, two, three or four. Johnson was shocked when she first spotted the trend in absentee ballot returns in Florida, “The first thing I did was go back to my data people and said, ‘are you sure you ran this right?’ ”

Johnson also added that, “These are not likely voters surveyed by the most pollsters or targeted by sophisticated political campaigns and the trend applies to Democrats and Republicans alike and across the state”

Mark Wilson, Florida Chamber President and CEO, assumes that they are going to receive more absentee vote from people, “I believe there are going to be more zeros and ones that vote absentee than threes and fours…. We are in unprecedented, unchartered territory. Nobody’s been polling these people; nobody’s been marketing to these people.”

Identifying the reason for the change is not possible. But local elections supervisors promoting and inspiring people to vote by mail. Media promotion on USA Election 2016 can be the cause of people attention towards the presidential election. Johnson also agree with that, “I think top of the ticket plays a lot in this. The voters don’t like either candidate (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump), but the emotions of frustration and anger are pushing people to do what they’ve never done before,” said Johnson. “I would think these voters definitely are not looking for status quo.”


Rich Heffley, a Tallahassee-based Republican consultant, said the trend identified by the chamber definitely could mean pollsters are off base in some races, but well-run campaigns should already be tracking anyone who has received mail ballots regardless of whether that voter has much history in primaries.

trump-1.jpg“Everybody monitors those absentee ballot requests. I know who made a request, when the ballot was mailed to them, when it was received, and you can monitor how it has aged — how long it has been sitting on their kitchen counter,” Heffley noted. “Once there’s a live ballot on the street, people know it.”

Moreover, these is going to be another good news for the Republican, since the Latest Presidential Polls 2016 on Daybreak pollsters put Trump ahead of his rival Clinton. Though some other 2016 Presidential Polls notifying the win of Clinton, in those Presidential polls 2016 Clinton is losing her popularity among voters. Trump is trying to be in the pace of Latest Presidential Polls 2016, by campaigning among minority voters, Hispanics and also Softened his tones towards Immigration.

Source: http://presidentialpolls-2016.com/absentee-ballot-return/

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