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Trump's The Art Of The Deal: A Yuge Liability

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You can bet all of America's enemies have read the Art Of The Deal. Know you enemy and The Art of the Deal is a blueprint into the negotiating style of Trump. Trump is predictable and Putin is playing him like a cheap fiddle. Putin has at least 35 IQ points on Trump and you can bet Putin has surrounded himself with some shrewd experts that make Trumps so called experts look like the B team.


Trump's book is his playbook and now the opposition has it. To use another football analogy. Trump is not even semi-pro or junior college. The pros will eat him alive. Trump is more like a Pop Warner team that cheats by having kids over the age and weight limit and bribed referees.


Trump is an ego driven dumb ass who if forced to play by the rules and not rip off banks, investors, contractors and workers he'd be living like other CON meth smoking trailer trash.



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