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Kaepernick needs to stand up, and grow up!

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This overpaid imbecile wants to bring drama to the NFL preseason? This is not the equivalent to the brave and justified Juan Carlos and Tommie Smith's raised black glove fists in '68. The punk Kaepernick wears socks that depict law enforcement officers as pigs, literally. The young, mediocre, soon to be cut from 49ers roster, QB, has the right to his feelings about trigger-happy cops killing blacks, but his dissing of the National Anthem, is misguided and only teaches young athletes of color to disrespect The Flag, pro-sports, and all American patriots...


There are many ways to protest. Young Krapperneck is an idiot, has a lot of growing up to do. He'll be begging the CFL and semi-pros to hire him very soon...

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